Sunday, July 25, 2010

Canadian Mining in Central America

Goldcorp Inc. is a Canadian based mining company - it extracts silver and gold in "developing counties" including Honduras, and Guatemala. In these developing countries, Goldcorp Inc. uses cyanide to separate the metals - Cyanide has been banned for use in these extractions in Canada and the US. Cyanide, lead, mercury, and arsenic are allowed to seep into the ground water causing numerous unexplained illnesses in animals and in human beings living in areas around the mines.

Although Goldcorp Inc. has provided jobs, and funded the building of schools in the communities they are affecting, they should be forced to use "1st world" methods of extracting the metals. They should also clean up and better manage their mines.

Unfortunately the Ontario Teacher's Pension Plan buys shares in Goldcorp Inc.

This means that I am directly a part of the problem. So I plan on writing to the Government of Canada, the government of Guatemala, and to the OTPP letting them know that I do not support their actions and asking that they clean up their act.

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